Is it Time to Upgrade Your Urn?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Urn?

by Crafted Memorials on Jun 21, 2024

Have you been looking at the urn on your mantle, thinking it looks outdated or doesn't quite match your home's decor? More importantly, does it fail to represent the honor and memories of your loved one in the way you wish it would?

If so, now might be the perfect time to consider upgrading. At Crafted Memorials, we offer a beautiful range of urns that can provide a fresh, fitting tribute to your loved one. Let's explore why you might want to upgrade your urn and how to transfer ashes to a new one.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Urn

There are many reasons why you might decide to replace an older urn with a new one. Here are just a few possibilities:

1. Signs of Wear and Tear: Over time, even the most carefully handled urns can show signs of age. If your urn has been passed down through generations, it might be starting to look a bit worn.
2. Lack of Personalization: Perhaps the current urn is too generic and doesn't fully represent the cherished memory.
3. No Engraving Options: Some urns cannot be engraved. An urn from Crafted Memorials can be customized with engravings to honor your loved one's memory.
4. Budget Constraints: You might have bought the urn under tight financial constraints. Now that circumstances have changed, you may want to honor your loved one with a more fitting tribute.
5. Home Decor Compatibility: If you've recently become the caretaker of the urn and it doesn't match your home's decor, a new urn could better blend with your style.

How to Transfer Ashes to a New Urn

Opening an Urn

The method to open an urn depends on its type. Most vase-style urns have an opening at the top that can be unscrewed. If it's sealed, you might need an epoxy solvent or nail polish remover to break the seal. Wooden urns often have a panel at the bottom that can be removed with a screwdriver. For marble or natural stone urns, removing the stopper at the bottom, usually with a twisting motion, should suffice.

Transferring Ashes

Opening an urn can feel daunting, but generally, there's nothing to worry about. The ashes are typically sealed in a protective plastic bag within the urn, preventing spills if the urn breaks or is opened inadvertently.

To transfer the ashes:
1. Open both the old and new urns.
2. Carefully remove the plastic bag of ashes from the original urn.
3. Gently place the bag into the new urn.

If the ashes are not in a bag, consider wearing gloves and transferring them slowly to avoid mess. If you're uncomfortable handling the ashes, seek assistance from a trusted friend or contact a local funeral home for help.

What to Do with an Empty Cremation Urn

Once you've transferred the ashes to a new urn, you might wonder what to do with the old one. If it's in poor condition, it's okay to dispose of it. However, if it's still in good shape, consider these options:

  • Family Keepsake: Keep the old urn as a family keepsake in a treasured memory box.
  • Reuse as a Vase: A vase-style urn can be repurposed as a decorative vase.
  • Donation: Donate the urn to a family in need or a nonprofit thrift store.
When you're ready to upgrade your urn, Crafted Memorials offers an extensive selection of elegant and stylish cremation urns. Browse our collection or use our search function to find the perfect design or theme that honors your loved one beautifully.
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