Urn for Ashes - Walnut-Crafted Memorials
Urn for Ashes - Walnut-Crafted Memorials
Urn for Ashes - Walnut-Crafted Memorials
Urn for Ashes - Walnut-Crafted Memorials
Urn for Ashes - Walnut-Crafted Memorials

Urn for Ashes - Walnut

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  • Honor the memory of a loved one with the distinguished elegance of our unique Wooden Urn.
  • Made of SOLID WOOD to stand the test of time with honor and integrity.
  • Personalize today to commemorate with a truly ONE-OFF piece.
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Why Crafted Memorials Urns?

The market is flooded with mass-produced, low-quality urns, many of which are made overseas.
In a moment as significant as this, settle for nothing less than the best.
A few reasons why to choose ours:
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Made in Usa

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Sustainably Sourced

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Natural Not-Stained Wood

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Proprietary Design

A Salute to Quality: How Do Our Urns Compare?

Typical urns in the market are often simple, mass-produced containers with little thought to design or craftsmanship.
Crafted Memorials Wooden Urns stand apart in contrast. See how we elevate the standard:
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What Our Customers Are Saying

This urn is a work of art

"It's not a happy occasion when you have to buy a funeral urn, but this urn is a work of art. The fast responses to my detailed questions and even went out of her way to take photos of the actual urns she had on hand, from many different angles. My dad was an artist and a landscape architect and he would have loved this urn. It is a thing of beauty."

Love it so much

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece to serve as my father’s final resting place. I was overwhelmed with the beauty, quality, craftsmanship and thoughtfulness of the entire package. The urn is exactly as pictured and flawless, but the packaging, complete with a handwritten note and words of comfort was beyond my expectations. I truly appreciate and thank you."

The piece is beautiful

"The piece is beautiful. Great communication.. I didn’t know I could engrave and she asked me about it which I then did add. It’s beautiful and looks amazing. I love it because it allows me to have him in my home without anyone really noticing."

This is the most beautiful urn

"This is the most beautiful urn I could ever have chosen for my sweet boy Oliver. I never wanted to buy an urn for my child but I am so very thankful this exists and for the help Jessie provided. Not only does it proudly hold my son, it brought me so much comfort the minute it arrived."


"The urn is absolutely stunning and the customer service is beyond reproach. I highly recommend."

Urn for Ashes - Walnut-Crafted Memorials

Solid Wood & Splines

Crafting our wooden urns is a journey deeply influenced by the rich traditions of woodworking that have stood the test of time.

Our artisans employ traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations, and one of the distinguishing features of our urns is the use of splines.

These splines aren't just functional; they are the signature of skilled craftsmanship, providing both structural strength and an elegant connection between the individual wood pieces.

The result is not just a durable urn, but a piece of art, a tribute that beautifully captures the essence of your loved one.

Start Personalizing this Urn

Unique Personalization

At Crafted Memorials, we elevate the concept of personalization far beyond the ordinary practice of attaching a metal plaque to an urn.

Through the use of cutting-edge laser technology, we delicately engrave your heartfelt message directly onto the exquisitely crafted lid.

This engraving seamlessly merges with the wooden urn, becoming an integral part of its design. This ensures that the spotlight remains firmly on the memorial itself, without any added elements detracting from its significance.

Wooden urn for ashes personalization on walnut
Wooden urn for ashes personalization on curly maple

Avail our offer and honor the life of a loved one today

Laser Engraving requires a lot of setup for each order, so please keep in mind that

FREE Personalization Offer Ends Soon

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